Promenade: Prom in America, The Prom King, Prom Queen

Promenade commonly known as “Prom” a high school gathering and is celebrated commonly in America. It is hih school union at the end of the year.   Students attend the Prom in couples sometimes individuals. The school organised the event in banquet, halls or in school. Number of students depends upon the school policy. It is the the students event only, teachers and parents are not allowed to attend prom. “Promosal” that is collected from Prom Proposal is officially asking someone to be Prom date.

Promenade can be organised by school or can be private, organised by students their own. A formal dress code is followed by the couples. Boys used to wear black or white formal dresses with tie and the girls wear traditional dresses with jewellery and perfumes. Thousands of dollars have been spent to get the beautiful dress, on makeup and hairstyles. Couples usually match their dresses with each other as boy matches their tie with that of the girl dress.

“The Prom Kings” and ” Prom Queen” are the titles given by Prom Court to the most popular and participating student in the high school activities. Prom Court may includes the senior students. Prom Dance is the must if you are going to attend the Prom. A prom may cost equal to that of a marriage in America.

“Senior Prom” and “Junior Prom”  are the general termed reffered to Proms as if it is only attended by seniors it will be a Senior Prom and if attended by juniors they will be called as Junio Prom, Sometimes attended by both. Adults Prom are attendded by students over 21. Alcoholic beverages served in Adults Proms. Adult Proms might be sex based as some proms allow homosexual dating some may not.


Now a days asking celebrities and models as date for Prom is normal. Students who do not found the Prom organised by school attractive, organised their own. It is most common in gay and lesbians who are not willing o attend the Prom as couples of opposite genders.

Post Prom is celebrated by the parents after Promenade. Friends of the student are  invited at the event. Food is served to the guests, sometimes relatives are also invited.

Promenade is organsied throughout the world with different names. In UK and Australia Prom is organised as same in America becuase of the movies effected the culture. While in Islamic countries a dinner is organised or a simple get together. In Africa it is celebrated as “matric dance”  and is much common in students of grade 12. First three hours include food serving and a get together with teachers. Later on there started a real party.

Although many controversies have been arouse but the Prom is yet to be the most attractive event celebrated throughout the world specially in USA.

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Hawaii Volcano, Volcano Eruption on Kilauea;Lava Haze

Hawaii an American state with Honolulu as capital, the most populous city of the state. Hawaii is entirely  composed of islands and is the the only state that is not part of continental North America. It is famous for beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and beaches with golden,red,black and green sand. Another thing the Hawaii renowned for is its volcanic mountains. National park of  Hawaii is the only live place in the world where the visitors can see the lava face to face.

There are many volcanic mountains found in Hawaii but the only three active volcanoes on the island of Hawaii are Maunaloa, Kilauea and the Loihi. Kilauea and Maunaloa found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Loihi is found underwater on the southern coast of Hawaii island. Maunaloa erupted last in 1984 while Kilauea has been erupting since 1983.

Kilaueu spewing lava now a days is top on the news. Lava has crossed the highway and entered to the Pacific Ocean. By USGS, it is still unable to determine the damage caused by lava. Forcing more than 10,000 people to evacuate, lava river destroyed more than 40 structures in surrounding area. Still unable  to determine the end while putting millions  of lives at risk. A safe zone has been enforced by the officials around 300 meters and people were asked to move some safe places.

The size of the stones hiting around can be the size of a refrigerator, even the smallest ones can cause death. A serious injury has been reported in Hawaii when a man sitting on balcony of his house received a molten rock projected at him. The rock hit him on the shin caused damage from shin to legs.

When the lava enters the ocean, molten rocks react with water chemically and form a toxic cloud of acidic gasses and fine glass known as “lava haze” or “laze”. The toxic gasses much harmful to breathe causing lungs problems. Skin and eye irritation has been caused because of the volacano to the people around.

According to Civil Defence lava reached to the Puna Geothermal Vanture (PGV) property. Quenching begins by filling underground wells with cold water.

“The weight of the cold water sitting in the long pipe is sufficient, that instead of water entering the bottom of the well, cold water exits the bottom of the well,” Travis said a spokesman of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency also they are planning  to fill the underground wells with mud and caping with iron.

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Gina Haspel Sworn in as CIA’s First Female Director

Gina Haspel former deputy director of CIA sworn in as the new director of CIA, also she is the first ever female director in CIA’s history. President Trump attended the oath ceremony and praised that there was no one in this country more qualified for the job. Trump hailed the CIA staff by calling them the most elite professionals on the plannet and announced to support them by all means providing resources that a huge change in President’s tone. Last year visit at head quarter Trump was busy in point scoring but now he paid tribute to the lost lives saying their services will live all the time.

Geena Haspel started her career in 1985 as an undercover agent at CIA headquarter. She performed many operations as undercover agent in many countries winning different prestigious awards including Presidential rank awards.

She is famous for her torture program when she was overseeing the “black site” a place in Thailand where the detainees are kept. Many of the detainees got heavily tortured by Haspel as one of the suspected terrorist from Al Qaida Abu Zubaydah reported as 83 times waterboarded, kept in a box and lost one of his eye in a month torture.

She was barely criticised by the human right organisations and by the American officials and demanded not to promoted as director but to presecuted. However there was support also in her favour. While taking oath she expressed her concerns to work over to make the agency more effective.

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Russian Military to get Advanced Nuclear Weapons, says Vladimir Putin

In the battle of nuclear weapons Moscow is going a step forward with latest, long range, high speed and more focused to their target. The design is totally different from the other countries said Vladimir Putin in Moscow. With raise in tensions with the west over disputes like Ukrain and Syria, the Kremlin has started a new program called Sweeping Arms Modernisation Program.

Russian President Vladimir Putin while speaking in Sochi told that Russian military is going to be upgraded with the latest and precisely nuclear wepons. These are not that traditional weapons but the model is changed from foriegn countries. The modernisation of the military includes Avangard hypersonic vehicle, Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, Kinzhal hypersonic missile and the laser weapon called Peresvet. Mig-31 fighter jets, nuclear powered global range cruise missile and an underwater drone will also be the part of the program.

Avangard hypersonic vehicle will be delivered next year while Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in 2020. The Avangard has an intercontinental range and can fly 20 times faster than the speed of sound. The weapon possessed the ability to change its course and altitude in the air towards target. The abilty makes the weapon more invulnerable to any air or missile defence means.

The composition of the material is also changed that allow it to withstand approximately 2000 Celsius temperature. The Sarmat is intended to replace Voyevoda that is world’s heaviest ICBM with an ability to carry 10 nuclear warheads, named as Satan.

Putin noted that new ICBM is much faster than the Satan and the long range with more warheads carrying ability making it the more deadly weapon. Kinzhal hypersonic missile and laser weapon named Peresvet which have already been part of units of Russian Southern Military District. Mig-31 fighter jet can carry Kenzhal missile.

Kremlin is working on global range cruise missile and an underwater drone to target the enemy underwater and to secure it’s costal boundaries. During consecutive meetings with the military officials, President Vladimir Putin has announced many projects of military importance.

Russia have shown concern over the disputes with America over Ukrain and specially over Syrian dispute. The increasing tensions between the world’s strongest nuclear nations resulting in the form of  nuclear warheads. The increasing number of nuclear weapons increasing uncertainty.

Trump strange policies on the other hand letting the situation more complex. Insted of dealing with the disputes over table or through diplomatic channels, both the countries showing aggression that leads to increase and even more deadly weapons.

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Guns In America: Should Govt. Review its Policies?

The more world is modernizing, the more we got civilized the more intolerant has been increased. We have become more expressive in our feelings doesn’t matter good or bad, of love or hatred. Our personality depicting more violating behavior than before. Latest incidents happened in America shows lack of tolerance.

Violation, not only increasing at personal level but also state level. People having dominant attitude forming groups and want to be accepted.

When it Comes to others, its called Violation. But when it comes to us then our attitude toward this is fully changed. Our way of living has changed. The pressure of work, the technology gadgets, access to everything and not proper counseling making it even more disturbing. The alarming condition warns us to think over it.

The recent incidents happened in different Americans school cant be just condemned but also us as a whole society are responsible for such kind of misshapen. Isn’t it so easy to carry a gun and use it whenever you want, especially for kids. Even the school going children can carry weapon in the developed country like America.

The weapon carrying trend in america is not new but the history started from the american war of independence when due to lack of funds and due to some other reasons it was not possible for america to establish a state army. So the individuals carrying personal weapons and above the age of 18 submit an application to be a part of army. Each individual carry their own weapon.

Another reason that shows american love for weapon is its use when there was hunting was the only source for the people of America. They carry weapons to hunt animals. The love for using weapon has grown gradually and even now the people of america are much armed than any of the country. Even a developed country like america is carrying more and deadly weapons than Yemen.

The Gun Culture is the center of debate for many decades. People are raising their voices over the great threat. There is still a great debate of Gun Control in american politics. Now its time to review the policies regarding weapons not only in america but also by other countries.

Not only controlling and monitoring of the weapon sale is enough to avoid such kind of happenings but also we must change the policies towards other. We have to raise voices over the major violations. Counselling our child and helping them in changing behavior and also keeping an eye over them may cause in avoiding these incidents.

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Britan’s Royal Wedding, Prince Harry And Meghan Royal Wedding Day

Meghan Markle, a new entry in the royal family was an american actress. Two years long journey of Meghan and Prince Harry turned into an official relationship now, The Royal Wedding. Prince Harry who is the son of Princess Diana(late) has got married to the American actress Meghan Markle.

The Royal wedding held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which is where Harry was christened  at the age of three(months). The chapel’s holds about 800 guests. Meghan and Harry’s marriage vows were officiate by Rt. Justin Welby, an Archbishop of Canterbury.

The royal family spent about $42.8 million on the wedding of which around $32 million were just spent on the security included guards, snipers, undercover police and a counter -UAV system. The expenditure includes church services, music, flower, decoration and the afterwards reception.

Guests were invites around the world including current and former heads of  states, the Spanish royal family, the Swedish Royal Family, Denmark’s queen Margrethe with family, singers included Sir Elton John, celebrities including David Beckham, models, the Cast of “Suits”, from Tennis Sarena Williams, Priyanka Chopra from Bollywood, Misha Nonoo (a well known fashion designer),and the Jessica Mulroney Meghan’s BFF attended the wedding at Windsor Castle.

Princess Diana were invisibly attend the ceremony as the married couple honored her in many ways. The flowers picked up for Meghan’s dress from the Diana’s garden. The hymn they choose was performed at Diana’s funeral and the Prince was seen wiping tears as the song ended. The Prince had proposed Meghan before with the ring that belonged to her mother that featured two diamonds.

There were two receptions at the Castle. the first was given to 600 guests from the Queen and the second includes 800 guests. According to Royal Family site below items were presented to the guests.

1. Scottish Langoustines wrapped in smoked Salmon with Citrus Creme Fraiche

2. Grilled English Asparagus wrapped in Cumbrian Ham

3. Garden Pea Panna Cotta with Quail eggs and Lemon Verbena

4. Heritage Tomato and Basil Tartare with Balsamic Pearls

5. Poached free range Chicken bound in a lightly spiced Yogurt with Roasted Apricot

6. Croquette of Confit Windsor Lamb, Roasted Vegetables and Shallot Jame

7. Warm Asparagus spears with Mozzarella and Sun-Blush tomatoes

In addition to these many other beverages were also served with Cake and Champagne. The guests were asked to give charity instead of gifts.

Around 100,000 people including foreigners were gathered in the streets of Windsor town wearing outrageous hats and waving union jack and the stars and stripes to celebrate the Royal wedding of Prince of wales with California girl who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Social Media and Technology Has Made Lives So Easier

Once it was a big problem that people couldn’t find high end socializing places, where they would be able to create an event of their own choice. If they found a place for their event then it was difficult to send out invitations one by one to every individual invited. Founding the exact location of the event was another major problem for the people invited. Communication between the host and the guests was a major problem that is improved by Social Media.

But the social media, internet and information technology has made it possible. It was a great change in the lives of humans that they were able to find locations of their choices. Doesn’t matter where are you, what you do, you just have smart gadget with internet connection and you can find anything anywhere.

After Google released Google Maps, it was even more easier to find  places around you like restaurants, bars, cafe, school, universities etc. Later google released different features that made it even much easier and made world a global village.

Instead of Google applications there has been many other applications developed and released by various companies and organizations that providing their role in reshaping human’s lives. these apps can be used to create events , to send invitations to friends. colleagues and family at any place. Many applications allowing more advanced features.

Managing events includes for a person to send out invitations to his fellows at the event created and he can be able to edit the location or time of the event from anywhere. The locations of the people invited in the event can be displayed in the application prior to the starting of the event.

The host is be able to send a text message to the person invited to know his whereabouts and vice versa. The people who are new to the city or foreigners will be able to use such apps as a guide to communicate to different shops and restaurants around the city.

Instead of many pros of such applications, there are many cons that warn us to use such apps with care and prohibit our children using these apps without prior knowledge. Specially in developing countries, it is a great threat where the applications are not get registered or approved by government organizations and even the lack of proper government authorities to deal with these matters.

There must be a regulatory system to regulate all the systems including internet, social media, websites and other location services and people should be guide how to use these apps and technology keeping them safe.


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